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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with a city that has 60,000 registeredlards two times as many meters spaces, this is a problem. thousands of cars and even motorcycles with disabled placards park free all over the city especially in downtown areas and outside office buildings. but are they genuinely disabled drivers or are they abusing the use of the placards? >> it defies logic that there are so many people with disabilities who are employed working there and this is the -- >> reporter: you find that unlikely? >> it's unlikely because the disabled are the most unemployed and the most underemployed of any population group in the country. >> reporter: dmv, which issues the placards, and the san francisco d.a. claim they are cracking down on illegal use. this week, three people were busted and accused of fraudulently applying and getting a disabled placard. >> this is to our knowledge the
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first time that a district attorney has prosecuted somebody. >> reporter: but few cities can afford to actively go after scofflaws. in the current case, they were ratted out by neighbors. bob, who has polio, says it's just too easy to get a doctor to sign off on a placard. >> instead, what they need to look at is, are there any practitioners who are issuing a lot of these? >> reporter: there are 60,000 disabled placards registered in san francisco. yet there are only 30,000 metered spaces. and in a city where parking is difficult, placard because can be frustrating -- placard abuse can be frustrating. this man parked in a disabled zone and doesn't look disabled. >> i do it with my father. >> reporter: it's hard to find spaces when you try to take your father out? >> always. >> reporter: authorities in the city say they have some solutions. they may start charging for the disabled spaces no more free parking and another solution they say, make it tougher to get them. but so far, no one in
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sacramento is looking to change the rules. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> because there are so many placards in the city, san francisco estimates it loses $20 million in revenue every year. an undercover stipulating to catch unlicensed contractors netted an unlikely suspect this week. she is known as the sweetheart swindler. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains she is known for scamming elderly homeowners. >> reporter: you may remember this. we talked about her a while ago. investigators say samantha met men online and took their money. she is accused of illegally operating as a contractor and an undercover sting put her back behind bars. >> this is a sting operation with the contractors. >> reporter: sam was swingled a man previously. she is not a license the
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contractor. in a sting the contractors board invited her to bid on a job where she went to jail again on felony charges. >> there's some scary people that are working out there without a license. consumers need to know you don't know who you're hiring when you have unlicensed people come to your house. >> reporter: sam was caught during a statewide sting of unlicensed contractors which included four convicted sex offenders and several suspects with arrest warrants or history of violent crime. this underscores the importance of licensed contractors. they have to be licensed for any job over $500. now, for a link to find out if your contractors are properly licensed go to, click "links and numbers." the contractors board also busted a total of 97 people for crimes ranging from illegal advertising to requesting an excessive down payment. down payments cannot exceed 10% of the job or $1,000. and that's generally a good red
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flag if someone asks you to pay more up front. >> you pointed out really the requirement is anything over $500 you got to have the license. >> right. and, you know, pretty much anything they are going to do is more than $500. right. >> thank you. a big mess of rotting food animal waste rats and people. but not anymore. the city of berkeley kicked out about a dozen people camping out under a bridge. but as da lin shows us, some of those tents popped up minutes later and also steps away. >> reporter: veronica, right there under that gilman street overpass is where the city of berkeley cleared out the homeless this morning but some of those people did not go too far. take a look right there. you see that black tarp right behind those bushes? that's a tent that was pitched and on the other side of the freeway which you can't see, also another tent popped up after the police left. berkeley police moved in around 4:00 in the morning clearing
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out a dozen people living under the freeway. workers in hazmat suits cleaned up the trash left behind. >> on edge. >> reporter: tom barnett came to berkeley and set up his tent here about three months ago. the city of albany had paid him and other homeless people $3,000 each to leave the albany area. he said it wasn't enough to land permanent housing. >> i have to make sure i have enough finances to where when i get into a home i can stay there and be comfortable. >> reporter: berkeley leaders say rats and other safety issues forced them to evict them. neighbors complained to the city. >> there's a lot of rodents here and a lot of garbage. >> reporter: but after police left, some people like this man set up their tents next to the overpass. what do you plan on doing now? >> nothing, just survive here. just another spot, that's all. >> reporter: others moved to the nearby union pacific railroad tracks. neighbors and business owners
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don't like it. they say it's dangerous. >> you're taking chances. i mean, six months ago i watched a guy try to beat the train and it wiped out his bike and trailer. >> reporter: these folks say they are desperate with not too many options. >> i don't know where i'm going. this one is more difficult than moving from the albany bulb. >> reporter: pushing them from one spot to another the city of berkeley notes that's not the fix to this problem. they say the permanent solution is to offer them housing and also mental health counseling which they say they are offering to those folks. live in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> aside from the nearby railroad tracks, some say they might pitch a tent over at people's park near uc-berkeley. the family of an innocent woman killed in a shootout between stockton police and some suspected bank robbers wants answers. and they hired an attorney to help them. relatives of misty holt singh are asking for documents dispatch logs, video and other
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evidence police gathered in their investigation. the family spoke for the first time today. >> i wake up and, uhm, i'm hoping that it's a dream and that my mom going to be there but she is not. >> she was a very loving mother, sister, daughter, and aunt, cousin, and friend. [ crying ] >> the family asked for privacy during the investigation but despite their grief, they say they have compassion for the families of the men who kidnapped her. police are now looking for this black sedan and its driver. they think the three armed men who stormed the bank arrived in that vehicle. the family of the victim killed in the shootout spoke for the first time today. california has some tough new gun laws tonight. one of the bills signed by the governor closes a loophole with single shot weapons.
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people used to be able to buy them and convert them to fire multiple rounds. another bill speeds up how quickly state courts tell the justice department a person can't own a gun in california. this afternoon aldon smith was sentenced to 12 days in jail but he won't serve a single day behind bars. smith is going to be doing his time through a work release program because he attended a program for alcohol abuse. the judge also reduced the charges from felony to misdemeanors. smith had pleaded no contest to possessing illegal firearms and drunk driving. san francisco general hospital is getting a lot of calls but there is still no definitive identification for a patient in their trauma center. an ambulance brought this man in back on june 17 from bayshore avenue. but he had no identification and he doesn't know who he is. right now, the san francisco sheriff's department is working some new leads. new at 6:00 there is a new chapter tonight in the fight to keep the drakes bay oyster
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company open. it is supposed to close at the end of the month but several marin businesses filed an emergency lawsuit late last night. they say they could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year if the feds shut down the oyster farm. drakes bay provides up to half of the oysters grown in california. still ahead, making money off the drought. the companies seeing a boom in business now that no one has enough water. >> july is historically the driest month here in the bay area. certainly was today. a lot of cloud cover out there in the morning, but blue sky over berkeley this afternoon. what about your weekend? blue skies or the marine layer? your answer coming up. >> hopefully blue skies. take a look at these new billboards, not really selling anything. the goal behind this colorful public project.
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her candy money is now under arrest... but her family sa only because a woman accused of robbing an 8-year-old girl of her candy money is under arrest but her family says only because they turned her in. a convenience store camera in san francisco's western addition captured the suspect just minutes before the robbery. ladonna christian's daughter says they called police after hearing people in the neighborhood might be looking for some street justice. >> a lot of guys outside our house waiting for her to come home to harm her. >> threatening her? >> yes, threatening her. >> christian's daughter says she suffers from mental illness and substance abuse. pot dispensaries in san jose close to homes and schools are about to get shut down notices. tough new restrictions are now in effect. if owners can find an approved location in a designated industrial zone, they have a year to move. the dispensaries have banded together and collected about 60,000 petition signatures to overturn the new law. but half of those signatures are invalid. people in millbrae are
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being warned of a mountain lion wandering around the area. a homeowner spotted it last night on richmond drive. the mountain lion walked toward a wooded area near beck shire drive and then disappeared. >> the feds are sending more money to help california deal with the drought. water users in rural areas will benefit from nearly $10 million in federal aid. that money will help bolster the water supplies in 11 counties. 57 counties are now federally designated disaster areas. and that is all but one in the state. >> despite the severe drought affecting most of the state, sacramento plans to hold the farm-to-fork festival again. last year tens of thousands of people showed up at the capital to sample food featuring nothing but local produce. farmers and restaurants will once again let people taste the fruit of their labor. but the drought will have people digging deeper into their wallets this year. >> so the drought has made basically the price go up because there's less. so when you have less of
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something and the demand is there, the price goes up. >> the second year for the farm-to-fork festival is scheduled for the end of september. and while the drought is bad news for millions of californians, kpix 5's john ramos found an east bay company that's seeing a boom in business because of it. >> reporter: this may be hard to believe but some of the businesses that are really booming during this drought are companies that install new lawns. >> makes me think they have never been through a drought before. >> reporter: but hold on, here comes one now. the phone has been ringing off the hook at first impressions, a san ramon company that installs synthetic turf. >> the drought is the cause. the effect is a brown lawn. people don't want brown lawns. >> reporter: jason webb has been selling artificial grass for eight years now but for him the drought has been a god send even if he is reluctant to admit it. you guys were in the right place at the right time? >> yeah.
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we were. yeah. we didn't intend on that. you know -- >> reporter: i'm not blaming you for the drought, by the way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: his company offers a product that looks lush and green but uses no water. and you think the water companies urging us to conserve would be all for it. but most are not. the santa clara valley water district created this flyer warning customers that fake grass could be bad for the environment. webb thinks there's another explanation. >> our belief is because synthetic lawn uses no water, it's bad business for the water companies. >> reporter: jim short said his lawn may be brown but he wouldn't mind his neighbor having a green one if it didn't take any water to do it. >> artificial flowers, too. they don't look too good. i think the lawn looks the best of the artificial. >> reporter: this may be one business that will only get better as the drought gets worse. because every cloud has a silver lining even when there's not a cloud in the sky. in walnut creek, john ramos, kpix 5. sun shining out there again today, man, in the east
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bay. >> foggy again in the city. >> you can literally pick your climate here on a daily basis. you want clouds? we have it. we have everything. you just pick t and i guess over the weekend. get if the car if you don't mind driving, i want to go somewhere cloudy. okay, get in the car, kids. let's go. you want somewhere sunny stuck in traffic that's milpitas the nimitz freeway. a lot of frustrated people wanting to start the weekend earlier than they will because of the traffic. san jose today comfortable 76. temperatures down because we had the cloud cover this morning. less sunshine. hayward 74. oakland 70. san francisco 68. another evening this is six in a row with thunderstorms up and down the spine of the sierra. not really right over top of tahoe today but along highway 50 we are seeing showers and thunderstorms as you cross the border into nevada and these thunderstorms will likely continue over the weekend and creep closer to us for the top
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of next week. sunrise tomorrow 6:03 in the morning. overnight lows upper 50s for vallejo, oakland, fremont, 61 for san jose, san francisco 58. state fair again in sacramento, you will notice an increase in humidity if you are heading to the central valley. not as hot either. 90 degrees coming up on average for saturday and sunday. changes coming. we have a low pressure area off to our south getting closer tomorrow. that will change the winds from the south to the southeast. so we go from cloudy in the morning to kind of cloudy all day long by sunday. and an increase in humidity. similar to what we had on monday and tuesday when it felt sticky outside we had cloud cover and showers this is the pattern coming up on sunday and monday. no reason to cancel any outdoor plans but plan on that increase in cloud cover as soon as late tomorrow. so the low cloud cover is here in the morning stopping futurecast 8:00 in the morning but watch this stuff coming up from south and east. that veil of high cloud cover will move in by tomorrow afternoon. warmer tomorrow though concord 85. beautiful day in san jose with a high of 82.
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redwood city 81. san rafael 79 degrees. staying kind of sticky on sunday and monday. at least bay our standards if you are visiting from miami you're saying what? no. tuesday through thursday, warmer and 90s by the end of next week inland. so we're weather wimps around here. >> californians do not know humidity. >> humid isn't really humid. wet isn't really wet. >> and seasons aren't really seasons. >> and grass is not really grass. >> apparently. [ laughter ] paul, thank you. a 97-year-old man with a talent for music is being told to hit the road. he is being evicted from his home in a north bay retirement center. >> kpix 5's ryan takeo found out why and where the man goes from here. ♪[ music ] >> i was born may 26, 1917. >> reporter: at age 97 -- >> start it, ready?
6:19 pm
>> reporter: jim was not ready for such a life changer. >> ♪ when skies are cloudy and gray ♪ they are only gray for a day ♪ >> reporter: if you couldn't tell, he is at home in front of a crowd. but as of this afternoon he did not have a home. >> i found out a couple of weeks ago that he was being evicted. >> reporter: jim used to live at redwood retirement in napa. but he had some issues with the bosses there. >> management continually suppressed my talents. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: he says it's because he played too much music. >> management would stop me and say these words: go back to your room, like a kid! no more. >> he goes i'm not sure my heart can take this. >> reporter: carol looks after jim now but she knew him before. >> i met him when i worked at redwood retirement. >> reporter: she is frustrated her former employer, his former
6:20 pm
home, left him without a plan. >> you don't just put a 97-year- old on the street. >> reporter: without a home. what's been the toughest part for you? >> uhm -- i think, uhm -- [ voice breaking ] >> sorry. dropping him off at the shelter. >> reporter: jim spent the past three nights at this homeless shelter. >> i mean, here's this frail man with his head held up high going in the doors of the shelter and knowing that this is not the place he ever expected him to ever be. >> reporter: she never expected someone else to step up. today was moving day. piners nursing home. jim's new home. an anonymous donor gave money for him to move in touched by jim's story and he settled right in. ♪[ music ]
6:21 pm
♪ like a melody >> reporter: home sweet home. >> thank goodness. i was praying for that happy ending. >> it is. >> great talent and just needs to find a place where he can play and not disturb people and -- >> appreciative audience. ryan takeo also tells us friends are raising money to help jim pay for his new home. no one from the retirement home called us back to tell us their side of the story. art in unlikely places. coming up, what people are saying about this colorful work popping up in one bay area neighborhood. ,,,,
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♪ mattress discounters stopped for about 15 minute the beginning of rush hour toda traffic in both directions on the golden gate bridge was stopped for about 15 minutes at the beginning of rush hour today. the chp says a u-haul truck pulling a trailer stalled blocking lanes in the northbound direction. the driver got out and left the truck sitting there. it was towed to vista point in marin county. no word on the driver. traffic is back to normal now.
6:24 pm
in a city where safe is at a premium, san francisco artists are getting some premium space in the mission to show their work. billboards transit shelters. as don ford shows us, any other blank street canvas is fair game. >> reporter: the mission is crowded, busy, and colorful. there's no shortage of murals, no shortage of graffiti either. in all this creativity, a new art exhibit stands out using billboards. >> to see amazing art you have to buy a ticket to a museum or go to a gallery. and we wanted to invert the two. so what happens when you turn the city itself into the gallery? >> reporter: original art displayed on commercial billboards for the next month. some are beautiful, some blend in with the neighborhood. some are a little hard to understand. art is supposed to provoke feelings in thought. this one sure does. >> i saw it last week.
6:25 pm
honestly, it's pretty depressing. >> don't sell your hope, never. >> i'm at a loss for words. >> reporter: like it or not, art is art. >> any kind of conversation this generates is important. that's the point. >> tag something bragging. >> reporter: however, he says he knows art when he sees it. >> it's a watermelon with a pineapple with a bamboo with a cactus. beautiful. >> reporter: artist casey gray says he likes the billboard art show. >> i'm quite pleased with myself. >> reporter: i bet you are. you should be. >> yeah. >> reporter: public art has always had a special place in the hearts of san franciscans. sometimes you find it in odd places. if you would like to come in and see this rather unique display of public art, you better get a move-on. the billboards are scheduled to come down august 7. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> 19 artists are part of the street show. all have some connection to
6:26 pm
california. the family house at oakland's children's hospital got a makeover today. ikea redid all 16 of the bedrooms there, the family house is a nonprofit and relies entirely on donations. it typically is used by families who travel 100 miles or more for care. those who run it say the overhaul was overdue. >> because of the use of the house, uhm, the beds are old, you know, they get a little lumpy and bumpy and now they're brand spanking new so families can get a really good night's sleep before going over to the hospital to deal with what all they have to deal with over there. >> the family house was nominated by an ikea employee for that makeover. coming up in our next half- hour, new information about the victims of maylasia airlines flight 17. their ties to the u.s. and the one american on board. >> and dozens of homes burnt to the ground. more crews are put on standby to battle this raging wildfire. ,,,,,,
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now at 6:30, an outrage of unspeakable proportions. that's how president obama is describing the crash of
6:30 pm
maylasia airlines flight 17 in ukraine. the plane is believed to have been shot down. we are learning more about who was on board. welcome back, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. some of the victims who died in the tragedy have ties to the u.s. one of them was quinn lucas shansman. he had dual citizenship in the netherlands and the united states. it was president obama who announced shansman's death. >> we know at least one american citizen quinn lucas shansman was killed. our thoughts and prayers are with his family. >> caroline kaiser was on the indiana university rowing team. the 25-year-old was also a former doctoral student of chemistry. the president also made it very clear who he thinks is responsible and who should handle the investigation. craig boswell with his strong words and how malaysia airlines is defending the flight path. >> reporter: president obama
6:31 pm
says there is evidence a surface-to-air missile brought down maylasia airlines flight 17 and that the missile was fired from an area controlled by russian backed separatists in ukraine. the president calls for a credible international investigation. >> russia, pro-russian separatists, and ukraine must adhere to an immediate cease- fire. evidence must not be tampered with. >> reporter: the president says separatists have shot down other aircraft and that they are getting a steady flow of support from russia. >> time and again russia has refused to take the concrete steps necessary to deescalate the situation. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin blames the tragedy on ukraine, saying kiev is responsible for the unrest in the country. russia also questioned why ukraine would allow commercial planes to fly over the war-torn nation. >> i'd like to emphasize we are a caring company. >> reporter: this morning, malaysia airlines defended the decision to fly over ukraine. >> on that particular day we were not the only airline which
6:32 pm
was flying that route. it's a common route. >> reporter: at the crash site the first international monitors have arrived. they say local militia in the rebel controlled area would only allow a superficial inspection. wreckage. craig boswell cbs news washington. >> a small candlelight memorial was held in kuala lumpur tonight for the passengers. the candles at a church spelled out mh17, the flight number. we will continue to bring you any new developments on the investigation into flight 17 tonight at 11:00 and online at medics in gaza say 25 palestinians have been killed since israel began a ground invasion yesterday including three teenaged siblings who died when a tank shell hit their home. in total more than 270 palestinians have been killed in 10 days of fighting. many of them are children. and israel continues to push forward into gaza as militants vow to keep on fighting. alfonso van marsh reports from a bordertown in israel where
6:33 pm
residents are always on alert. >> reporter: even in the dark of night, israel kept up its assault on the gaza strip. the israelis are on the ground there too trying to stop hamas militants from firing rockets into israel and from using so- called terror tunnels. >> infiltration tunnels that can pac-10, 20, 30 people in a line all armed to the teeth that will at a moment's notice will charge into israel. >> reporter: president obama spoke to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying he hopes civilian casualties can be minimized. >> while i was having the conversation with prime minister netanyahu, sirens went off in tel aviv. >> reporter: a hamas official said israel will regret its decision to invade. as israeli tanks rolled by, israeli nationals living so close to the border of gaza say people don't understand the threat they're under every day. >> it's go, go, go, go, everybody come. >> reporter: as we spoke to
6:34 pm
this massachusetts native on her kibbutz an alarm went off. she says this is no way to live. >> we just want to live in peace. >> reporter: as israel prepares to intensify its ground offensive, sarah admits that peace could be sometime away. alfonso van marsh, cbs news, israel. >> the u.n. security council condemned hamas rocket attacks into israel. president obama says secretary of state john kerry is ready to return to the mideast to help broker a cease-fire. as many as 100 homes have burned in a fire raging west of spokane in washington state. 260 square miles so far. but the response has been very aggressive. 2,000 firefighters are on the front lines. and an additional 1,000 national guardsmen could be called in. washington state and oregon have both declared states of emergency due to increased wildfire activity. still ahead, laser beams and ozone gas.
6:35 pm
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rate is now at its lowest l in six years. the jobless rate california's unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in six years. the jobless rate dipped to 7.4% in june. employers added more than 24,000 jobs. the largest increases were in education and health services [ indiscernible ] went public today at a lower price than first announced. the company originally priced its ipo at $13 a share lowering it to $7 at the start of trading today because of the rocky market for ad technology stocks. the stock price jumped 40% to just you understand $10 a share. levi's stadium in santa clara is open. and with all the high-tech bells and whistles it's easy to
6:38 pm
forget that levi's got its start back in the 1800s. innovation doesn't stop with the stadium. john blackstone shows us the science behind the well worn look. >> reporter: at levi's research and investment lab nicknamed eureka they are designing the fall line for 2015 and using science to give jeans that well worn look. >> this is the wear pattern that you're going to then impose on there. >> reporter: denim is aged with laser beams. washed in ozone gas. >> which is a powerful oxidizer. this requires no water. >> reporter: and soaked with sweat. >> we actually have people that just sweat and right into the vials. but simulated sweat and then we test it on the fabric, bake it to see what kind of impact it has over time on the fabric itself. >> reporter: the goal is to make jeans both fashionable and sustainable. >> we launched the product about a year ago called
6:39 pm
wasteless that had recycled bottles woven into the cotton fabric. >> reporter: but as levi's looks to the future it never forgets its past. the company is still privately owned by the family of its founder, levi strauss. bob haus is a great, great grand-nephew. he was the company's ceo for 15 years. >> i think we have you to thank for casual fridays, don't we? >> i was happy to do that. it was a cute story about that. we proposed that we allow employees to come one day a week in -- dressed in our products and we saw that the business didn't grind to a halt. and from that, we realized there's a real opportunity here for more than just our company. >> reporter: john blackstone, san francisco. >> levi's earliest history is locked away. there's about half a million dollars worth of vintage denim in a vault believe it or not. >> who knew? casual fridays.
6:40 pm
got to love it. [ laughter ] still ahead, chrysler under the microscope over the safety of its fuel tanks. >> we hear from someone whose tank actually caught fire. >> weather time, cloudy start everywhere even inland and plays like concord started off cloudy but we have sunshine now. it is friday night. you want to make some weekend plans. what do you need it plan for weather-wise? you have your updated weather forecast. hang on for five minutes.
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trailer hitches on jeeps th could zard. chrysler was supposed to answer why it's slow in installing trailer humps on jeeps that could be a potential safety hazard. the hitches would protect a gas tank that could erupt in flames in an accident. randy paige spoke to one man who said that's what happened to him and he is suing the company. >> reporter: the hands tell the story. they are the hands of men who are construction workers by day, musicians by night. now unable to pluck a string or wield a hammer. magdalena and raymundo sanchez's lives forever changed
6:44 pm
in this blinding instant on the 405 freeway when a drunk driver rear-ended their 1994 jeep grand cherokee at 3 a.m. >> did the car catch fire immediately? >> yes. >> reporter: with the seats on fire and their flesh burning, the doors wouldn't open. >> nothing, nothing. >> reporter: in the meantime is there fire inside the car? >> yup. all the inside the car behind us, the face, all our arms. >> reporter: raymundo says his brother, in the driver's seat, tried to break the passenger side window with his fist. it didn't budge so he began banging his head against the window trying to save his brother's life in the few seconds he had left of consciousness. he dove outside then screamed for his brother to follow. raymundo jumped and seconds later the car exploded. >> it's a death trap. >> reporter: the brothers' attorney fernando chavez says the placement of the jeep's plastic gas tank behind the rear axle can cause it to burst into flames in minor rear end collisions. they filed a lawsuit against
6:45 pm
the automaker. in june of last year under press from the national highway traffic safety administration, chrysler announced the recall of millions of cars to install a tow hitch to strengthen the rear of the vehicle. now more than a year later, not a single vehicle has been modified. chrysler declined an on-camera interview. but they provided us with this written statement which says in part, the vehicles are not defective. they are among the safest in their peer groups and met or exceeded safety standards in effect when they were first sold." chrysler goes on to say, instructions for scheduling service in the recall will be mailed next month. >> it's devastating to the family. the burns are hon rendous. >> reporter: he says it's too little too late for brothers. >> with the injuries sustained to the hands not only can they no longer play their music but they can't even work. >> reporter: the brothers say they are thankful to be alive. when you looked back and saw that car on fire, what went through your mind? >> thank god we got out. >> chrysler said it asked the
6:46 pm
supplier to ramp up production of those hitches. it should have enough of them by next march. all right. we made it to friday! paul what can we expect in weekend is? why would it be different over the weekend? we have a couple of curveballs. have to keep us on our toes weather-wise. mother nature will. we'll talk about the changes coming up. we're looking from oakland towards san francisco and that blob is a 1500-foot-thick marine layer cloud cover ready to invade the city of san francisco. the invasion in fact has already begun and kind of make out the sky scrapers there in the financial district in the center of your television screen. temperatures now livermore the warm spot at 75. not that warm for mid-july. san francisco 64 and getting cloudy. san bruno 70. oakland 69. santa rosa also in the upper 60s. overnight tonight, upper 50s, cloudy for vallejo, oakland, fremont, anywhere near the water. you start the day off cloudy. 59 degrees. santa rosa one of the cooler
6:47 pm
spots at 55. low 60s for a low in gilroy. big-time action this weekend. we have the aids walk in san francisco a very important event that's sunday. partly cloudy later in the walk with temperatures in the mid- 60s. we also have the connoisseur's marketplace. menlo park. humid too especially sunday 78 degrees. so what are the changes? from an area of low pressure offshore south of los angeles. but it's heading in our direction and getting stronger and what that will do, it will change the wind direction. this morning we had a southwest wind that brought in the cloud cover. we'll get that again tomorrow. but as that low pressure area gets closer and stronger, the winds will turn a bit out of the south then southeast. just like what happened on monday and tuesday. you probably remember it was really sticky outside and somewhat cloudier? that's going to happen again this weekend. it will be sticky, especially on sunday and monday.
6:48 pm
but the increase in cloud cover will actually begin tomorrow. so not a perfectly sunny weekend, that high, thin veil of clouds will begin to move in tomorrow. low cloud cover back tonight. if you were foggy or cloudy this morning, you will be again tomorrow. temperatures hanging out near normal tomorrow and then it gets more humid and the sticky stuff will stick with us through monday. san jose tomorrow 82. your average is 84. so close to where you should be. sunnyvale 81. san mateo 78. union city morning cloud cover, 74 your high. antioch 88. livermore 86. pleasant hill 85. maybe a little soccer practice in alameda should be a nice day with morning clouds 71. mill valley 77. cloverdale 87. so we have the tropical or monsoonal moisture moving in. that means a little more in the way of cloud cover on sunday and monday. can't rule out sprinkles like last week. sunshine tuesday and sunny and
6:49 pm
hot away from the water next thursday and friday but no organized rainfall for the next seven days. that's your kpix 5 forecast. >> thank you. northern california has a special connection to disney's new animated film planes: fire and rescue. it's about a cropdusting plane whose taking on a new career. they consulted with the forest service to be sure they got it right. >> they spent some time here and up in redding with smoke jumpers. >> firefighters say the movie couldn't come at a better time. they hope it will create awareness since california's drought and fire danger are top of mind. a san diego county woman just turned 105 years old. and she will be celebrating on the pitchers mound this week. why not? agnes mckee will become the oldest person ever to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a
6:50 pm
padres game on sunday. she has been practicing for months. she says baseball was more her late husband's hobby. but she will give it a try. >> we need to get her together with our friend with the ukelele. >> perfect match. absolutely. [ laughter ] sports is coming up. vern glenn is live at the coliseum next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
and vern glenn is at with sports. hi, vern. >> reporter: all right, there, hey, you might think on the surface, vern is here for a battle of two first place teams the a's an orioles. we are here to honor the 1989 world series champs. we saw a lot of big names today in a pre-game ceremony. but no big name with any -- no game was bigger than jose canseco. jose canseco is here for the first time since he retired over a decade ago. now, he burned a lot of bridges with his 2005 book called juice that gave the public view how bad the claims for steroids
6:54 pm
why.many of the claims were not taken seriously but then were proven true. still, canseco says he regrets writing the book. >> i regret writing it. no question about it. i regret putting my friends in the book. and even though it was a true accounting of what happened to me in major league baseball, the reason why i did it was not a good reason. [ inaudible ] we are not going to tell your story if you don't play games and struggled with that for a long time. but i think eventually, my youth, my lack of experience, my anger, [ indiscernible ] find a job at 37 years old, really overwhelmed me and i wasn't thinking correctly. i definitely regret it. >> reporter: all right. now, the giants are doing business in miami. that story coming up on "the
6:55 pm
late show." we segue to golf for the second round of the british open where rory mcilroy is making a joke out of the liverpool course while tiger woods is just fighting just to make the cut. here's the scene for tiger woods and his round. first tee shot goes way left. he doubled to first and bogeyed the second. defending champion phil mickelson gets the eagle putt on the par five fifth. 2 underfor the day, eagle for the tournament. sergio garcia this one for big feathers, an eagle! garcia tied for third, six shots off the lead. dustin johnson the low score of the day as he chips close at 17. he is at 7 under 65. johnson and others are chasing the leader rory mcilroy.
6:56 pm
he shot a second straight 66. tee shot of the par three 15th, nice and close. he would birdie it. mcilroy 12 under after two days, tiger came into 18 needing a birdie just to make the cut and he gets it to finish his first two rounds at 2-over. right on the cut line. as close as you can possibly get it. tiger, they go into the third round tomorrow and we'll see if mcilroy is able to close business. just 25 years young. well, that will do it from the coliseum as the a's and the orioles, the 89 team weekend, what a time it is to be a fan of the green and gold. back to you in the studio. >> there you go. rory, my guy. my guy. i put my money on him. >> your pick. that's right. >> that was my pick, vern. >> all right. so proud of might have self right now. ha ha ha. >> thanks, vern. all right. for news throughout the evening, you can always check on
6:57 pm
>> our next newscast is at 10:00 on the cw and you can see us back here tonight at 11:00. have a great weekend. captions by: caption colorado ,, we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements?
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